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4 Important Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Calendar

The nights are getting longer and colder, and the supermarkets are stocking up on all the tinsel and chocolate they can get their hands on - it's certainly starting to feel a lot like Christmas!

And what better way to spread cheer over the upcoming festive season than with an exciting new advent calendar? Although we all love a good chocolate advent calendar, no matter what age you are, we're thinking bigger and better: an online advent calendar.

Now, I know what you're thinking, 'How would this benefit me in the long run?' or even 'Is it worth it?' - well, it is. This is the perfect time to make moves by engaging your consumer base. By choosing an online advent calendar, you open up new doors that allow you to go places you'd only ever dreamt of, pushing your business and brand to new heights.

Starting your marketing strategy early is key; not only does it spread that all-important festive cheer, but it also helps your business generate as many leads as possible over the months, weeks, and even days.

Knowing how to promote your calendar and subsequently boost your traffic effectively, can be challenging, to say the least, especially if you've never had the opportunity to do so before. Here are four of our 'must-do' methods for marketing something as festive and fun as your online advent calendar.

Paid Advertising 

As with any product, you have to push it in the right direction so that you can boost your engagement - and advent calendars are no different. A great way to gain this exposure is paid advertising. 

Often called PPC (Pay-Per-Click), these ads are displayed on multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, and others.

The more you utilise this strategy, the better the results. The world truly is your oyster when it comes to paid advertising. With Google ads in particular, when operated efficiently and correctly, you have the power to push your website to the top of the search engine search results; this is especially useful if you choose to embed your advent calendar into your website.

Email Marketing 

Email marketing is always a savvy marketing tool that can find itself often underutilised, especially when promoting your festive advent calendars. Not only does it allow you to track interactions and open rates, but it also allows you to gain valuable insight and feedback on your advent calendar.

Additionally, it is also a cost-effective solution compared to other methods, such as printed campaigns. They're easy to produce or chop and change to your personal preference.

Most importantly, email marketing is a great way to boost your brand awareness, and when it comes to online advent calendars, there's nothing more crucial than ensuring you reach a broad audience. So, why not give it a try and spread your festive cheer far and wide!

Social Media

Social media is the pinnacle of marketing nowadays, which is why we would recommend utilising it when you begin to promote your online advent calendar.

One of the most effective ways to use social media to drive traffic to your calendar is to share it on as many platforms as possible. Each individual calendar comes with its own link that is shareable on social media. The more you promote your calendar online, the better the engagement and traffic. 

Additionally, audience engagement is crucial when driving traffic to your advent calendar. By just simply replying to comments and messages, you are playing an active role in raising awareness. So, get on there and utilise your socials this festive season.

Content Marketing

As it says on the tin(sel), content marketing is used as a means to target your audiences' wants and needs; you do this by publishing content that they find interesting and often engage with.

This method can work exceptionally well when you begin to promote your advent calendars online, too. 

A good content strategy is required so that you can manage the workload and market your calendar with high-quality consistency. You can do this by creating festive-themed blog posts, videos, SEO content, or even just a jolly social media post. This will not only increase brand awareness, but it will also drive traffic, and inturn, boost engagement on your advent calendar.


It is always important to think of how you are going to market a new product, and your online advent calendars are no different.

It is crucial to spread as much awareness as possible, as far as you can.  That means using paid ads, content marketing, social media or email campaigns. 

Each method is useful on its own, but by combining all four marketing solutions, you will find that the all-important traffic will boom - just in time for Christmas!