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A Christmas Gift Guide For Co-Workers

The words ‘Secret Santa’ can strike fear into the best of us seasonal gift buyers.

Suddenly everything you have come to know and taken the time to learn about your co-workers can flood out of your brain and leave you stumped with what to buy.

Here at Advent Calendar Online, we’ve put together a buying guide to give you that well needed helping hand as Christmas creeps nearer.   

There can be many different types of people all coming together to make a great team within a successful business. Everyone has their own role and personality that they bring to the table; this can make buying gifts for team members a tricky feat.


Tea/Coffee Lovers 

It is often the case in an office that tea and coffee is drunk like it’s going out of fashion! Tea breaks can be the perfect thing to get you away from your desk for a natter with your co-workers. 

Getting a gift related to such a daily ritual would definitely mean that it would be used and not just chucked to the back of a cupboard.

 A gift set which incorporates this traditional duo of hot beverages would be a great shout for a thoughtful Christmas gift. A gift set with coffee or tea and a mug would be a perfect addition to daily office life. You could even make your own hamper including some tea and/or coffee, a quirky mug, an eye-catching coaster and even some Stroopwafels to add that extra touch of luxury to a hot drink.

The Organiser

There’s always some members of a team who are more organised than others. They are always organising staff days out or are great at organising their workload. Snazzy stationery would be a great place to start. Select the perfect style of planner or notebook that matches their personality and that they will love to use every day whilst working. 

Choose some novelty sticky notes to wrap alongside the other chosen gift just add a little extra. 

Why not organise something for them for a change? A voucher for a day out, an afternoon tea, or a football match might be a greatly appreciated gesture!   

The Crazy Plant Lady

Filling your work environment with plants can not only improve your surroundings, but it can also be great for you co-workers wellbeing. There have been studies that have shown that stress levels can be reduced by the presence of plants and can even improve workers’ productivity. 

Plants such as Devil’s Ivy, Peace Lilies and Cacti are perfect for office environments. They can cope with artificial lighting and can survive without constant watering, making them perfect for the more forgetful workers. 

Pick a great plant and pot combo to brighten up your co-workers' desk this Christmas.

The Fitness Fan 

The avid gym-goer and lunch bringer inner who puts everyone else to shame. For the fitness fanatic of the group, a metal water bottle could be a great shout! Both stylish and sustainable, an insulated bottle could be used to keep them hydrated during the working day, or as a gym accessory.    

The Sweet Tooth

For the fridge raider of the team, a food-based gift is a no brainer. Why not be creative and put together a selection of sweets and treats to make your own hamper, to add that extra touch you could even order a personalised jar for them to keep on their desk. 

A handful of sweets at 3 pm could be just the pick me up that they need to work hard to the end of the day.

The Party Animal 

The party animal of the team can be the easiest to buy for, but this can mean that they are palmed off with a bottle of something. To be more thoughtful, you could pair a bottle of fizz with some boozy chocolates or sweets or even opt for a cocktail making set. 

Purchasing a gift set rather than just a bottle of something would leave your co-worker with a night filled with fun, creativity and delicious drinks. 


We hope that this Christmas gift guide has sparked your imagination for getting creative this Christmas. Your co-workers deserve more than a regifted bottle of wine or a box of chocolates! Get thoughtful and think about what they would really want this Christmas.