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COVID 19 and Marketing Campaigns

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted all aspects of our lives, flipping them upside down including that of businesses across all industries. Many business shows, summits, PR and marketing campaigns may have been cancelled, changed to another date or moved to a digital space such as online or a zoom call which we have become so accustomed to. 

The huge changes that industries has had to embrace could have completely changed the way in which businesses were going to market and promote their brands and products. In this blog post, we are going to discuss some easy ways in which you may be able to adapt your marketing during the pandemic we are currently living through.

Work Together 

One thing to remember is that the pandemic has not just targeted your business. Across the board business is taking a bashing, from huge corporations to SMEs it seems we’re all in this together. Helping other businesses out could prove helpful in the long run as you may receive their support back. 

Why not collaborate with a small business in your area to help promote their products? Or run a small competition which will go towards helping both businesses with exposure, reach and even building social followings or email subscribers.   

Get An Online Calendar

Following on from our previous point, if your business is missing out on physical events or promotions that you would usually run in ‘the real world’ then why not take advantage of this opportunity to boost your online presence. Here at Advent Calendar Online, our calendars are proven to help boost sales, increase social followings and email subscriber lists throughout the chosen campaign period. For more information and to see our successful stats then check out our case studies.

Educate Your Audience

If your physical premises are struggling, for example, a beauty salon, then why not consider educating your existing or new clients about the work that you do. With unemployment numbers reaching all-time highs, more people than ever are looking for new opportunities. People are looking for inspiration and help with where to best use their skills. Why not put together some online courses, or run a number of zoom calls to help any budding entrepreneurs into your industry.

We hope that this blog post has sparked your imagination with a couple of ideas which you might use in your business. This pandemic is the most difficult period that most of our businesses will ever face, so now is the perfect time to get inventive with marketing! From a marketing, business, and career perspective, you can make a change. Put in the effort so you can grow, that way you’ll come out of the Coronavirus stronger.