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How It Works: Online Builder

With 2020 being such a strange year for all of us, businesses now more than ever need to make sure that they are prepared to give one last push for the year, especially coming up to the festive period. With a large amount of the world's workforce still working from home, now is the time where motivation may begin to waver. Being away from the office environment, or any other workplace can be difficult, when we are all so used to having the routine of our working lives. 

As it sounds like Coronavirus may be part of our lives for months to come, why not consider our advent calendars for other times throughout the year to give your staff, clients or prospective customers a bit of joy to look forward to. Let us tell you how our online builder works, allowing you to make your own advent calendar online.

Make Your Own Advent Calendar

Making your own online advent calendar couldn’t be simpler with our online builder! All we need from you to get started is your name, email address and you will need to create a unique password so that you can make changes whenever you’d like.

One you have an account registered with us, that’s when the fun can begin! With our online builder you can incorporate your company logo into the design, change colours and have access to our vast library of backgrounds, so you can choose the one that suits your business best. You will be able to use our simple content management system to add in your own text and images to really make your calendar your own and perfect for your needs. Using our content management system, you get to decide what type of windows your calendar will have, will it be an image, a link to a page of your website, a discount code? 

If you do find that you may require some more bespoke features, then take a look at our bespoke calendar options. Once you begin to build your own digital advent calendar, you can also choose which day you would like your campaign to start. Will it be the full 25 days of advent? A few weeks for an important sale your company is having? It will be completely up to you!  

Through using our online builder to make your own digital advent calendar you will be able to capture data and export any data which you collect, such as email addresses easily in a CSV file. You will be able to promote your advent calendar through all major social media platforms to give your marketing campaign that bit more of a boost! Our digital advent calendars are perfect for use across the globe, so no matter where you and your business are based, they are a perfect marketing option for you, we can also integrate specific time zones.  

Once you have launched your calendar campaign, your own personal dashboard will show you the stats for each individual day. Your calendar will also be integrated with Google Analytics, this is so that you can see how successful your campaign is, for example, how many people have visited your calendar on specific days.

Do our online builder calendars sound just like what you’ve been searching for? 

Then get in touch with our friendly team here at Advent Calendar Online today. You can call us on 0203 637 4636, email us at, or you can fill out our contact form.