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Seasonal Campaigns - For life, not just Christmas!

Counting down to any event can build excitement for all ages and not just for the Advent season. Here at Advent Calendar Online, we have put together a quick guide to show you just how versatile our online calendars are for any seasonal event, the anniversary of your company, promotional event or any other ideas you can think of! Our online marketing calendars are for all aspects of life, not just for Christmas. No matter the occasion, we can help you with top-class seasonal marketing for both internal and external use to boost the morale of staff and drum up new business and subscribers!

With the current climate, some businesses may be struggling to keep staff upbeat and now more than ever is a great time to get creative both internally and externally with marketing. Our online marketing calendars are a great choice to reward staff for their dedication and hard work throughout the year or just for specific time frames. No idea is too big or small for our team of talented online calendar builders.

Seasonal Marketing 

As a business, it is vital to plan for upcoming events and seasons which you can tap into to increase sales. Finding ways to be creative and stand out from your competitors can be what results in a successful sale for your business.  

Our online calendars can be used for seasonal marketing around any event or season throughout the year. From Easter to Halloween, St Patrick’s Day to Christmas, our online calendars can be custom-built to help you promote your business for any occasion and purpose. 

If you’re looking to boost online sales why not offer discounts behind windows for people like NHS and blue lightworkers or customers who sign up to your newsletter. No matter what your business aims, goals or targets, an online calendar can help you boost online sales and exposure!

Motivation and Incentives

Our bespoke online calendars are not only just perfect for marketing purposes, but they can also be great for motivation and incentives for staff, university students and even younger school children. 


Staff working in any business or industry may need some motivation from time to time, during busy periods or the slower wind down in winter months. Offering them incentives such as the chance to win an early finish, a tea round delivered to their desk or even a gift card could be just what they need for a boost! Not only will this boost the morale of staff, but also productivity and efficiency leading to benefits for the business overall! 

University Students

Our online custom-built calendars are perfect for Universities to engage with new and existing students. Events such as Freshers Week, exam periods and graduation build-ups are great times to boost or reward students for their hard work, or even continue to build the brand awareness of the University and local businesses. 

Things such as discounts for local bars or restaurants, shops on campus or even university merchandise such as hoodies and stationary could be found behind the windows of calendars. 

School Children

Younger children who are perhaps still in primary school could visit an online calendar provided by their school to help them learn whilst they are at home. Behind every day of the calendar could be a puzzle that they have to complete, a simple maths question which they have to work out or even an enjoyable task of drawing an animal. Once the children have completed the daily tasks or at the end of the calendar period, there could be a prize for them such as a printable certificate, a video where a character tells them well done or even something which they could collect when they return to school in the future. 


Throughout this guide, we have merely touched upon a few ways our online calendars can be used, the possibilities of uses really are endless!

Get in touch with your ideas today or discuss some thoughts with our team which we can make a reality with a custom-built online calendar.