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What Can I Have Behind A Window?

Have you had a look at our website, read through our other blog posts or had a chat with one of our friendly team?

Whether you’re here for inspiration for your own online calendar, or you’re still making your mind up, this blog post is going to give you some great ideas you can use, or will show you exactly why one of our calendars is a great choice for your business. 

Our online calendars are a great choice to enhance any marketing campaign you’re thinking of running, no matter the season or occasion. On both of our options, template and bespoke, you have full flexibility regarding what you choose to have behind the windows of your online calendar. Below we are going to go through just a small snippet of the type of content you can have behind individual windows on your calendar, no matter how many days you go for.  


Including discounts behind windows of your calendar can be an excellent way to attract new customers to your site and treat those that are existing visitors. Using discounts could also be a great way to give your employees a little treat if they buy from the businesses’ site. By doing this, not only will you be making your staff feel seen and valued but it may also have a positive effect on your sales volume for the campaign period.


Featuring promotions behind your calendar windows is also another great way to create immediate demand and long-term product branding results. It is entirely up to you which promotions you for, it could be 2 for 1 on purchases that day or even a free gift with a purchase if you’re feeling generous.


Why not use some of the windows as an opportunity to promote your brand, products through the form of video content. The videos could be purely sales-based, informative about how best to use your products, or just for fun. Why not treat your visitors to video to introduce some of your staff members to give your brand more of a personal feel.


Imagery can be a really simple way to show a range of different aspects of your business behind windows on your calendar. Similarly to video content, you could use this opportunity to introduce a new product, products you are wanting to push during your campaign period or to show something more fun and personable. Get your staff to dress up their pets and give visitors to your calendar a laugh. Or you could design up your favourite quote or your business slogan.


A really inventive way to use our online calendars can be to feature mini-games behind windows. This could be just for a bit of fun, or you could reward winners with prizes such as a discount code or the chance to win a free gift. With our bespoke designed calendar options, there is no limit apart from your imagination! 



Tips can offer a more informative angle to a calendar. Inform your visitors about your products and how best to use them, or perhaps your company is renowned in its field and can offer some really great advice.


Alongside running your calendar campaign, you may also want to run a competition behind windows. Incentivise the opening of windows by offering visitors the chance to be entered into a competition to win a prize of your choice.  

Prize Giveaways

Prize giveaways are a really successful way to increase visitors to your calendar and therefore your website and social media accounts. We all love a freebie, so why not entice new and existing customers with a free gift. You could limit this excellent win to a select number of visitors, for example, the first 10 people who open the window of that certain day. This will make users keen to visit your calendar as soon as they can and will increase the likelihood of them opening the windows every day just in case they have won something! 


If this blog post has left you thinking where do I sign up? Then get in touch with our fabulous team. You can get hold of them by phone 0203 637 4636 or email ( or through our online contact form