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What is Advent Calendar Online?

Advent Calendar Online is a product we offer any time of the year. A large percentage are sold in late Autumn into Winter when people's Christmas campaigns ramp up. It is a web-based, Christmas-themed Advent Calendar, where you open windows each day to discover something behind it.

These are great for your Christmas marketing campaigns to help grow your mailing list, increase engagements on social media posts & drive traffic to your website. It can also be used as a reward for staff in any type of company. 

We offer 3 types of Advent Calendar, Online Builder, Template and Bespoke.

The Online Builder is £495, the Template is from £1495 and the Bespoke is from £2495

The team at Advent Calendar Online make the process really easy, once we have the go-ahead a creative brief is sent out making sure we capture everything the customer would like,

  • 12 or 24 days
  • Start date
  • Working days or including weekends
  • Thank you messages
  • Social Share Function
  • Social Media Links
  • Creative Direction, photos, imagery style, imagery type, logos etc
  • Window options, content, text, video, multiple-choice competition 
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Calendar window opening, constantly open or open & close daily
  • Additional Features, animation, auto winner picker, additional language.

Turnaround times vary depending on the option you need, but we do advise booking early to ensure you are ready for your go-live date.

If you would like the calendar to sit within your website, we can provide you with an iframe, you add the iframe code to show the calendar on that page. If not, we provide a unique URL, such as which would host the calendar and you can drive traffic directly to that URL.

Once the campaign is finished we will send a google analytics report for the calendar, the report will detail visits per day, how they visited the campaign, desktop, mobile, and tablet. Where did the visitors come from in the world? How did the customer find the campaign? Direct, social media platforms, referral, email, or organic search.

We recommend you fill in the windows with user-generated content, as we don't know what offers you will be running. We are more than happy to show you how to fill them.

We also ask for feedback, we need to know what we do well and how we can improve 

Seasonal Marketing 

As a business, it is vital to plan for holiday campaigns, so you can tap into them and increase sales. Finding ways to be creative, target audiences and stand out from your competitors can be what results in a successful sale for your business.  

Our online advent calendars can be used for seasonal marketing around any event or holiday season throughout the year. From Easter to Halloween, St Patrick’s Day to Christmas, our online calendars can be custom-built to help you promote your business for any occasion and purpose. 

If you’re looking to boost online sales why not offer discounts behind windows for people like NHS and blue lightworkers or customers who sign up to your newsletter. No matter what your business aims, goals or targets, an online calendar can help you boost online sales and exposure!

Get in touch with your ideas today or discuss some thoughts with our team that we can make a reality with a custom-built online calendar. 

Get in touch with your ideas today or discuss some thoughts with our team which we can make a reality with a custom-built online calendar.