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Office Christmas Decorations Inspo

As a nation we spend the majority of our time at work, this can be particularly harder during the holidays. Leaving your wonderfully decorated Santa's grotto of a home to spend the day in your usual office surroundings can be a bit of a downer, no matter how much you love your job!

We’ve put together some ideas to not only help choose your office Christmas decorations but to keep your staff motivated through the period.

Decorating Contest

Working as a team is one of the most important pieces of the puzzle when running a successful business. However, getting competitive every now and then can really help to keep morale high.

Why not put your team's competitive spirit to use by holding a Christmas decorating contest? It could be as simple as placing a mini Christmas tree on your desk or hanging some decorations on the wall. Or if you're a Christmas lover go all in! 

For the more crafty of the team, making a Christmas wreath or constructing a wooden Christmas tree could make the perfect addition to your office's festive decorations. 

Give the winner some Christmas chocs or if you’re feeling generous an early finish on those all-important festive days!


What would Christmas be without lights! Whether you opt for a classic glow or the familiar flash of red, green and yellow, light up your employees' workspace! 

You could opt for trailing string lights along with your desks and around your collection of succulents, or choose a light display to fill some empty space. There are even some novelty lights and decorations that you can consider such as a USB Christmas tree to brighten up your workstation.

Gift a desk!

For the joker in the team, covering a coworkers desk in gift wrap is a common sight in an office. Try and switch it up and get them before they select their chosen victim for the year, revenge is sweet! 

Spend a break hunting for the perfect wrapping paper, will you go for the sheer comedy factor with some novelty paper, or keep it classy?

A Great Reception

If your office has its own reception area, why not give the face of the company a Christmas make-over! Decorating the first thing that your visitors see when they visit your office will for sure make them happy that they came to see you. 

If you’re ready to get the hoover out after the festivities, you could even make your reception desk into a winter wonderland. Get some fake snow, scatter some baubles and position your cavalry of snowmen. Your front desk is bound to become a talking point for anyone that walks past, both staff and visitors. 

The way we celebrate Christmas comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and that can be reflected in the way you decorate your office. 

From traditional decorations to more comedic touches, be sure to get everyone involved to have a wonderful Christmas in the office!