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Why Do We Have Christmas Trees

Tall and lean or short and wide, whatever the size or height, Christmas would not be Christmas without a tree to take pride of place in our rooms. 

Usually a coniferous, evergreen tree such as fir or pine, a statement tree can be found in homes and offices throughout the world. But why do so many of us take part in this tradition of putting up Christmas Trees and where do they come from? 

Read on to find out more about one of our best-loved traditions.

Why Do We Put Up Christmas Trees 

We all love the sight of a glowing Christmas tree draped in tinsel and embellished with baubles and decorations. But why do we stick a great big tree in our living rooms? 

It is thought by many that the Victorians are responsible for this Christmas tradition, but it was in fact much earlier than this period. Decorating a tree actually originated from Germany and was during the Georgian times. The King at the time Albert lll’s wife charlotte was known to decorate trees for her family in the 1790’s.    

Evergreen trees hold their foliage all year round, unlike deciduous plants which lose their leaves in the winter or dry season. This trait means that they are perfect candidates to be our Christmas companions and see us through the festive period.

When To Put Up A Christmas Tree 

Here at Advent Calendar Online, we think it's never too early to get in the Christmas spirit and prepare for the big day! 

Everyone will have their own routine in their household or workplace for when that neglected box of lights and decorations is brought out into the light for the first time in months. But there are some guidelines which have been pencilled in through the years for those of us who like to stick to the socially acceptable rules.

The first day of Advent has been said to be the correct time to put up your Christmas tree so that it can be part of the period leading up to Christmas Day. However, if you’ve opted for a real tree, it may begin to look slightly weary before the day itself. 

Another suggestion is to wait until 12 days before Christmas to put up and decorate your tree. This would mean that your tree would definitely last until the big day and you will have been able to enjoy it for a reasonable amount of time.

The festive season will be filled with fun and laughter, no matter when you choose to put up your tree and other decorations.

How To Look After A Real Christmas Tree

Keeping your tree away from heat sources is the most important step you can take to look after it through the festive period. Try not to place it near to fireplaces, air vents, radiators or in the path of direct sunlight. 

Opting for Christmas tree stand that can hold water, or a pot that is suitable to be wet is going to ensure that your tree is receiving the moisture that it needs.  

You could also trim the bottom of the tree every now and then to expose the fresh wood. This would mean that the tree would be able to take in more water than if it was in its original state. 

However, you may have chosen your tree for its shape or height, so cutting part of the trunk off may not be a viable option. 


When To Take Down A Christmas Tree

The condition of your tree may be the deciding factor in when to take your decorations down. If your tree is beginning to look tired and bare and your floor is covered in needles, it may be time to accept that the end is nigh.

If you have chosen a fake tree or your real tree has lasted better than expected, the common date to take down decorations is 12 days after Christmas. If it were up to us, we’d keep them up all year round!