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Online Advent Calendar For Your Business

Fresh marketing ideas

Coming up with new and marketing ideas for your business can be challenging, especially in the run-up to key quarters or seasons when the pressure is on. Here at Advent Calendar Online, we have the perfect answer to your marketing worries. Our online calendars can be used for any occasion or season that your business is keen to make the most of, it doesn’t just have to be Christmas! Whether you want to build up to a Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale, your business is celebrating an anniversary, or you just want to give back to your clients, attract potential customers or reward your staff.

Options tailored to your business 

Here at Advent Calendar Online, we have options to suit every timescale, budget and ideas that your business may have for a seasonal marketing campaign. With our template option, you can create your own online advent calendar by choosing from our range of excellently designed backgrounds and themes. You can still put your own spin on the calendar by including your logo, changing colours and having full flexibility around what type of windows you select and what surprises will be behind them for visitors. 

For those businesses who wish to have one of our calendars fully personalised to their business and it’s requirements for a marketing campaign, we have a bespoke option. You can choose from our wide range of template backgrounds, or we can provide you with a bespoke design which all parties will have collaborated on. You then again, have full flexibility to choose what you will have behind your windows and how many there will be.  

If you would like some ideas to help you decide what you could have behind your windows, then check out our recent blog post here: What Can I Have Behind A Window?

Campaign Driven

Whichever option you choose, our online calendars will help you to grow your mailing list, increase social media engagement and drive traffic to your website over the Christmas period or any season or event you run your campaign through. If you would like to see some examples of the brands we have worked with, their amazing online advent calendars and the results they achieved, then check out our case studies. No matter the size or market of your business, we are confident that our online calendars will work wonders for your marketing efforts!

If this sounds like a bit of you, then get in touch with our friendly team here at Advent Calendar Online today. You can contact them by phone (0203 637 4636) or email ( or through our online contact form.