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How To Make A Christmas Wreath

A festive filled wreath is always a comforting sight at Christmas time, whether it's hanging from a door or elegantly placed on a windowsill. Although you can purchase wreaths from many shops, they can vary massively in price. Making your own wreath at home can be similar in price, or even cheaper whilst allowing you to let your creativity flow. 

There are many designs that you can opt for when decorating a wreath, but the methods remain the same. In this guide, we will show you how to create your own wreath and also some merry designs to fill your home or office with festive cheer.

pale green christmas wreath pale green christmas wreath

Making your own wreath can be filled with personal touches, you can even collect materials from your garden or surroundings such as branches, leaves or holly. Raid your hedges and trees for some greenery. Our top tip is, always gather more than you think - it soon goes!

Using A Floral Foam Ring - You Will Need

  • Floral Foam Ring  (Soak the ring before you start) 

  • Florists Wire

  • Collected Materials

  • Chosen Decorations

sprig of holly sprig of holly

Step 1

Prepare by cutting your chosen branches or plants into the desired shorter lengths. Make sure to select a range of different textures, lengths and plant types so that your wreath is eye-catching.   

Step 2

Push the trimmed sprigs of your plant material into the foam ring, don’t worry about the starting positions, you can always rearrange as you go!

Alternate foliage, berries, pine cones or any other materials that you have collected or purchased to create a varied look for your wreath. Positioning the odd berry here and there can really help to break up groups of similar plants or colours.

Using a Natural/Wire Base

  • Wreath base, wire or natural

  • Florist Wire

  • Ribbon

  • Sprigs of Fir/ Collected branches

  • Other Materials, eg berries, pine cones


Step 1

Start your festive journey by wrapping the florists' wire around your chosen wreath base at least four times, pull it taught to make sure that is securely attached.     

Carry on by using your florist wire to attach your sprigs to the wreath base, ensuring that it is fully covered and there are no gaps peeking through. Do this by wrapping the wire both around the foliage and the wreath base to ensure that it is fixed into place. 


Step 2 

Using small pieces of wire, attach your chosen items, such as sprigs of holly, to the wreath. 

Continue to add decorations to your wreath until you have reached the festive look that you are going for. Less is usually more, but Christmas is the perfect time to go overboard with no consequences.    

Throughout the whole process making sure that the wire is pulled taut so that all of your foliage and decorations are securely attached. 


Step 3

Poke a piece of wire into the back of your wreath, this will secure it in place at the back so that all of your decorations are safe and sound. To add that finishing touch to your wreath attach your chosen ribbon and make a decorative bow. Use the ribbon to hang your wreath from your door, in any chosen place in your home or alongside your calendars at work.  

Now you have a fabulous Christmas wreath to show off to your friends, family and work colleagues.

Get into the festive spirit by making your own Christmas wreath and putting your own spin on it this festive season!

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